Hakan Yaman was born in Istanbul in 1963. He graduated from Marmara University, School of Foreign Languages in 1988.

His first novel The Wings of Israfel was published by Dogan Kitap in 2007. Although it was not translated in any other languages, the novel made an overwhelming impact out of Turkey too. His first interview with Italian journalist, Orsola Casagrande came out on Il Manifesto’s supplement Le Monde Diplomatique in September 2008.

He won Yunus Nadi Novel Prize that is one of the most prestigious literary awards of Turkey with his second novel Woman in the Photograph in 2009.

His third novel Fall Scented Sins that is a love and betrayal story among the Italian Levantines in Izmir in the 19th century was published in 2011.

The Novelist came out in March 2014. It is a novel written as a suicide note by a novelist, wanted by the police in connection to a double homicide. It was selected as the Book of the Month by PEN Turkey in July 2014. In the same year, Hakan Yaman was nominated as the candidate for European Union Prize for Literature.

One of his short stories that he wrote in 1998 called Roza took part in an anthology of short stories of 252 authors. The anthology was published by Aylak Adam Yayinlari in 2014.

His third novel Güz Kokulu Günahlar was translated in to English with Fall Scented Sins title in 2017.

Hakan Yaman is the member of PEN Turkey since 2011 and he was elected as the substitute member of the board in 2018.

Nowadays he is preparing to get his latest novel Silence of the Birch Trees published.