Nights were much darker than now.
And it was the times as the black cats used to respect the dark.
from The Novelist ..…



The protagonist of The Novelist is a loser who has a disappointment both in life and in authorship. In his last novel, he is telling us how he came on the verge of suicide. He does the best thing he can and starts writing a suicide novel instead of leaving a short suicide note behind.

Our novelist protagonist confesses that he committed a double murder just in the beginning of his novel. While the police is seeking him, we are reading the last novel he is writing. Through the novel we are taking literal strolls in the old quarters of Istanbul, we are walking around the parks with his sister and her dog, we are going into dark bars in Beyoglu, we meet the novelist’s veiled girlfriend Zahide, his sister with Down syndrome, his retired journalist father.

While he is telling us the chain of events, driving him to commit murders with patient and fictional narrative, he is slowly taking us back to his victims and to the moment of murders. Literature never leaves us alone through our strolling.

The novel Hakan Yaman wrote a short time before Gezi Park protests contains socioeconomic turmoil, political dilemma, abuse of religion, secular anti-secular conflicts in Turkey. It is an astonishing crime fiction of Istanbul.


Is there a happy love? – İdefix

Are you in love with someone nowadays? Do you hate someone because of your love? Do you betray someone for your love? Have you being betrayed?

There are some novels, you never forget, you can never forget. No matter how much time passes by after you read them. Didn’t Bihter in Ask-i Memnu (The Forbidden Love), Lara Feodorovna in Doctor Jivago chase you after you have met them once? Most probably they did, because their pains, worries, their contradictions with their beliefs, especially, the obstinate, cruel imposition of their loves are universal. Fall Scented Sins is also such a kind of novel, that is to say it is universal.

This is the novel of love, going on its way without caring place, time and your resistance. Once love, especially the forbidden love decides to have its knife into you, it comes and finds you no matter if you are in the 19th century of Izmir, hasn’t been suffered from the war yet or in Moscow, already in the war or in Istanbul of the last period of the Ottoman Empire.

Fall Scented Sins is expressing the most important feelings, getting us into trouble as well as making us human beings with an unbelievable honesty and a very tasty literature from its first page to the last.

Mustafa Özcan – 21.04.2011


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Doğan Hızlan says that Hakan Yaman drew the pictures of neighborhoods of Istanbul and the lives there through the characters he created.

Hakan Yaman wrote novels which take place in a wide historical plane, going back from 1950s to the period of Ottoman Empire in the 18th and 19th century. Except the Fall Scented Sins which was a love and betrayal story in İzmir and its environs he choosed Istanbul as the place in all his novels. He revived historical places, hidden, forgotten corners of Istanbul in his novels. But no matter what the time and place is he always tried to understand and narrate the human beings.